Nonprofit Montgomery strengthens nonprofits in Montgomery County, advocates for the sector, and catalyzes action to solve the community’s toughest challenges.


A robust and enduring nonprofit sector in Montgomery County that sustains a thriving community for all.


Community – Building cooperation, understanding and a will to work together where we live and work.

Impact – Investing resources in programs to achieve community goals.

Sustainability – Mobilizing human and financial resources necessary to execute long-term strategies.

Partnership/collaboration – Working together to address important concerns and identify solutions.

Inclusion/diversity -Embracing, respecting and celebrating people, cultures, religions, perspectives and experiences that enrich our community.

Integrity – Fostering ethical and responsible interactions with our members , stakeholders and community.

Caring – Promoting a community where compassion and concern for others is paramount.

Innovation – Embracing creative solutions to sector and community challenges.

Civility – Promoting a respectful, inclusive dialogue to foster understanding within our community.

Responsiveness – Responding to community and membership needs promptly and effectively.

Adopted by Nonprofit Montgomery March 2017

To learn more about nonprofits in Montgomery County, download our nonprofit sector one-pager.