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Montgomery Moving Forward leverages the Collective Impact model to address complex community problems.

MMF is a vehicle for change, not a service organization or program. We bring leaders together to define a problem and embrace a common agenda. The issues we focus on are selected strategically, based on community needs and the opportunity to achieve systems change utilizing the Collective Impact model.

Early Care and Education

MMF's Second Issue

Early Care and Education
is a key building block for economic opportunity.

A stronger, more equitable system will lay the foundation for more children to succeed in school, help reduce the achievement gap, and help build the workforce of the future. The decision to embrace this issue was the result of a six-­month community engagement process that gathered input from more than 500 residents and leaders. Montgomery County already has a number of local champions for Early Care and Education. MMF will add value by fostering cross-­sector dialogue and advocating for alignment of all components of the system. In 2017, we will engage and educate stakeholders, seek input from the community, and examine local data trends. (See MMF Timeline for Early Care and Education) Our short-term goal is to come together in support of a common and measureable all to Action for system change to improve Early Care and Education in Montgomery County. The Call to Action will include policy recommendations and suggested roles for different sectors, as well as indicators to measure success.

We are currently identifying where and how MMF can best play a role in accelerating change and putting key pieces in place for a high-­quality, accessible and robust system of Early Care and Education. In November 2016, we brought together experts and leaders from across sectors to explore the issue at a Community Symposium.  In 2017, activities include a series of four Learning Gatherings and much more. See the MMF Timeline for more details.

Workforce Development

MMF's First Issue

We want more residents to achieve self-­sufficiency, more businesses to find qualified workers, and more communities to contribute to county-­wide prosperity.

Our Call to Action: Fueling our Future with Skilled Workers and Good Jobs, issued in 2014, was embraced by more than 100 leaders from across sectors.

In October 2015, Montgomery County Executive Leggett announced an initiative to overhaul workforce development in the county, and the County Council approved legislation designating WorkSource Montgomery, Inc. as the County’s first single, readily identifiable structure to lead, elevate and coordinate a comprehensive system of workforce development.

MMF continues to follow this new entity’s progress, and we will issue a progress report in 2017 based on goals outlined in our original Call to Action.

1462845990_102Our goal: economic opportunities for all and a thriving Montgomery County.


Early Care and Education

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Workforce Development

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About MMF and Collective Impact

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MMF is part of a national movement of leaders committed to strategic action in pursuit of innovative solutions.

We engage veteran and emerging leaders from many communities and professions to develop specific and actionable plans. We innovate through collaboration and competition. We facilitate continuous, open communication to keep the group focused on shared goals and shared outcomes, and we coordinate collective efforts to maximize results.

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